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Our Security Office Solutions for Central Stations product starts with all the comprehensive features of our SOS for Dealers package. (Click here to view feature list.)

In addition, we have included specialized functionality for our Central Station customers, such as:
  • Allow site and panel charges
    Dealer default charges can be overwritten or supplemented by attaching charges to the site or panel.
  • Default dealer charges
    Dealer contract charges are entered for the dealer and are the default charges for sites and panels.
  • Display data entry errors
    Both predetermined and custom rules can be created to display when a dealer, site, or panel does not meet the billing rules.
  • Check for activity in inactive accounts
    Sites and panels with an inactive status that have had activity are highlighted.
  • Store site and panel detail
    Site and panel charges are stored for reporting and auditing purposes.
  • No duplicate data entry
    BRIAR software reads information from the central station software so that duplicate data entry is not required.
  • Optional
    Custom and standard vendor invoice verification, ie:AlarmNet.