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Fire Fusion is a browser based mobile fire inspection and reporting software product that provides integration to other BRIAR Office products. Fire Fusion is designed to dramatically decrease inspection and reporting time along with providing the inspecting company additional tracking and auditing capabilities.

Fire Fusion consists of two separate products:
Fire Fusion Mobile Application Fire Fusion Web
Fire Fusion Office is an add-on product to BRIAR's Mobile Office Fusion.

Devices to be tested are displayed as job lines.
Individual device status and comments are easily entered by the tester.
Devices can be entered as tested.
Reports can be immediately emailed by tester.
Automatic or manual device next test update.
Complete integration to BRIAR's Office Fusion product line.
GPS position by device.
Device signal history links to Central Station Fusion.
QR Code device scanning.
Fire Fusion Web is a web server application that runs on a local server that allows browsers to connect and interface into the BRIAR Security Office Solutions application and provides the following features:

Local web application for fire marshals to access and view/print fire customer reports.
Automatic fire form create from Fire Fusion Office.